I always write about the guy I love so much.
I always think about him —- all day and all night.
I considered him as the main reason behind my smiles and my tears.
He may have torn my heart into pieces. I may have cried because of him for a couple of times already.
But, I couldn’t unloved him because after all, he’s the one who brings the sunshine to my every morning.
I love him Dad. I always do and it’s crazy how I’m willing to take risks just for him.

But Dad, I want you to know that you are the BEST man ever.
I may have not written about you.
I may have not think about you everyday.
But you…
You are always in my heart.
You are always part of me; of my life.
Since the day I was born up to the day God will finally take me away from Earth, I know you are there.

You are the man and only man who will never ever leave me.
You will never even think of leaving.
I may not have told you how much you mean to me but God knows how much I care and love you.
I know, how much you care and love me too.

Thank you.
Thank you for being the best man in my life.
You own a big part in my heart that no other man could ever take and I won’t let them do that because it is only meant for you.
You deserve to be in that very special place in my heart.
I love you Dad.

Daughter’s letter to the best man in her life (F.P)

So sweet.

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“Hindi kita iniwan, hindi lang ako nakapagpaalam ng maayos.”

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Boy and Girl nag ja-jack 'en Poy.
  • Girl - paper tapos si Boy - bato
  • Girl: Yehey! Panalo ako :)
  • Boy: Hindi palaging papel ang panalo sa bato.
  • Girl: Bakit?
  • Boy: Kasi minsan kahit na ano pang papel ang gampanan mo sa buhay ng isang tao, kung sya naman ay bato. IKAW pa rin ang talo.

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Dear Guys,


Understand that she’s a girl, which means there will be times where she’ll be jealous, she’ll assume the worst, she’ll have mood swings, she’ll act difficult, there will some days where she might even act like a total bitch towards you. But in between all of her complications, there is something there that is real simple; her feelings for you. You’re a man, you’re supposed to be able to handle her at her worst & if you can’t, you don’t deserve her.

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I’m sorry if I give up too soon. :(


I’m sorry if I give up too soon. :(

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Dear Future Husband,


I promise to be your other half and best friend. We will complete each other and we will make each other better.

Because I will love you with all my heart and I promise to never let you go. No matter WHO or WHAT comes along, it will only be you and me. ♥

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